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Laboratory Center

Design scheme consulting service

SQT has a professional team of EMC technical experts who can provide professional and efficient EMC solutions for passenger cars, all kinds of electric vehicles, motorcycles and their electronic components.

Advantages of value-added services for customers

  • Reduce R&D costs

  • Shorten test cycle

  • Improve product quality

  • Quickly pass various EMC tests and certifications

EMC Design Consulting Services

In the R&D and design stage of electronic and electrical products:

To provide customers with professional, reliable, systematic and scientific EMC design schemes, analyze and optimize the system structure design, PCB layout, circuit principle design, shielding structure design, filter circuit design, etc. of the products, conduct systematic evaluation in combination with electromagnetic theory and design experience, analyze electromagnetic interference mechanism and interference characteristics, and formulate reasonable and efficient EMC countermeasures after comprehensive research and judgment, Effectively reduce the potential risk of EMC failure and improve the EMC performance of products.

Main service items:

  • EMC design of system structure

  • Circuit Principle EMC Design

  • PCB Layout Stack Design

  • High speed circuit structure layout

  • Impedance matching design

  • Port filter performance evaluation

  • Design and evaluation of shielding effectiveness

  • Skin effect and high-frequency characteristic analysis

  • Power and ground integrity analysis

  • System analysis of coupling mechanism

Engineering R&D technical support services

In the product engineering R&D or engineering sample stage:

Provide customers with standard test sites, professional testing instruments and analysis equipment, as well as EMC professional teams with rich engineering experience, and provide customers with EMC interference mechanism analysis, fault location, troubleshooting, design scheme optimization and other technical services.

Main service items:

  • Modular test analysis

  • Non standard test validation analysis

  • Analysis of Electromagnetic Interference Mechanism

  • Interference path location and troubleshooting

  • SI signal integrity assessment

  • PI power supply integrity assessment

  • PCB layout optimization

  • Circuit principle design optimization

  • Software Program EMC Optimization

  • Component analysis and screening

EMC rectification technical support service

In the product certification test phase:

Provide on-site or remote rectification technical support for customers, analyze test failure test data, test methods, interference mechanism, and identify the source of interference in combination with product application field, working principle, circuit design and structural materials, and provide rectification countermeasures to meet the standard limit requirements.

Main service items:

  • Radiation emission test items (RE)

  • Conducted emission test items (CE)

  • High current injection immunity test item (BCI)

  • Space radiation immunity test project (RI)

  • Electrostatic discharge immunity test items (ESD)

  • Conducted immunity test items (CS)

  • Handheld emission immunity test items

  • Power characteristic test items

EMC design rectification service category:

EMC fault analysis and diagnosis of the whole vehicle

PCB board level EMC design consulting

EMC fault analysis and diagnosis of parts

Non standard EMC analysis and troubleshooting

System level EMC design consulting

On site or remote rectification expert support

Examples of products with design rectification service experience:

Vehicle EMC rectification

Automobile headlamp products

Automobile combination lamp

汽Automobile warning light

Vehicle working lamp

Navigation entertainment system

Body controller

Sunroof assembly

Direction control system assembly

ABS booster system

Wireless car charger

Car inverter

Seat control system

Wiper motor

Automatic air conditioning system

Battery pack assembly

New energy electric drive system

LCD instrument panel

Charging pile equipment