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Guangzhou Shuntai Quality Technology Service Co., Ltd. is abbreviated as SQT. It is a third-party testing and certification service agency that focuses on motor vehicle parts and components, and provides customers with overall plans for testing, certification, and product design rectification and consulting.

Our services are based on automotive electronics, automotive LED lamps, wireless networking modules for cars, ADAS component systems, etc. SQT has started from scratch and has successively built multiple laboratories for automotive lamp optics, automotive electronics EMC, and reliability.

SQT has been recognized and authorized by many domestic and foreign authoritative institutions, including China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), China Metrology Certification CMA, and high-tech enterprises. At the same time, it has signed cooperation documents with many foreign institutions, which can provide customers with efficient and efficient One-stop testing and certification services.

SQT is committed to comprehensively improving product quality for enterprises and transmitting trust for safe driving.

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